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  • By the revolving shelves, customers are attracted and sales increase by the hand of unique product presentation.
  • Applicable for cakes, chocolate, and similiar products.
  • Because of imported tempered glass, safe work environment and a clear vision is granted.
  • A modular shelfing system, leads to a simple way to clean the glasses.
  • With the bottom layer, a total of 4 shelves.
  • When the sliding doors are opened the revolving shelves automatically come to rest to serve the customer well.
  • Special LEDs at each shelf, that display the products strongly.
  • Double cooling from the top and bottom, granting homogene temperature at all levels.
  • Heated sliding profiles prevent condensation.
  • Spot LEDs on the ceiling.
  • Ventilated cooling that grants your products longevity.
  • Automatic Defrost System
  • Endless color and material options for dressing the display.
  • Infinite Dressing options
  • By systems changes the option for +15C / +18C.
  • In case a temperature and humidity controlled environment is requested, it can be arranged.
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